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Cameras FAQs
    HomeGuard Wireless Home Camera
  • What app do I need to use my HomeGuard Wireless Home Camera?
    For camera version 1, please use IP Cloud (On Ipad, please search for Iphone apps only)
    For camera version 2, please use iSmartViewPro
    Both apps are available from your mobile device's app store. Please note the apps are not compatible with both cameras, ensure you are using the correct app for your camera.
  • How do I know if my camera is Version 1 or Version 2?
    This is indicated on the label at the bottom of the camera. Version 1 only shows the product description, Version 2 states "version 2" below the description.
  • How do I set the camera to send me an email when motion is detected?
    For camera version 1, connect to the camera from a computer, then click Settings, then Mail Service Settings. Fill in your details and test to confirm. Select Alarm Service Settings, and tick Motion Detect Armed and Send Email Notification When Alarm.
    For camera version 2, connect to the camera from your mobile device, the enter the camera settings. Select Alarm Settings and tick Motion Detect Armed and Alarmed Mail Notification (Android) or Send Email (Iphone/Ipad). Select Mail settings fromt he main menu, and enter your email settings as required.
  • What is the default password for the HomeGuard Wireless Home Camera?
    The default password is 123456. For security reasons, we recommend you change this to a password of your choice as soon as possible.
    From your mobile device, tap the arrow next to your camera's name, then Edit Camera, Advanced, Modify Security Code.
    From a computer, click the settings icon, then User settings.
  • Which operating system supports HomeGuard Wireless Home Camera?
    On PC: Windows XP or above, running IE 7.0 or above (For IE 11 and above, please run in compatibility mode - contact support for further assitance)
    Mobile device: Apple IOS 5.0 or above, Android 2.3 or above
  • Where are the instructions for my HomeGuard Wireless Home Camera?
    You can access the instructions from elsewhere in this support section; click the link below:
  • Eyecam and other IP Cameras
  • Can I use my IP Camera with Windows 8
    Please email support@storageoptions.com, for further details.
    No action is required is you have our Home Guard range as these are fully compatible with Windows 8.1
  • Can I use the IP Camera / Eyecam with my Apple Mac ?
    I’m afraid due to the inbuilt software used on the IP Camera it is not possible to fully operate the unit on the Apple operating system.
    It is possible to setup the Camera via a PC then access via your Apple Internet browser to view the images, you will be unable to record via the Internet browser.
  • How do I set up my IP Camera to view recordings remotely?
    To help resolve this issue, we have created a full guide which provides clear, step by step instructions and annotated illustrations for setting up your camera for remote viewing.
    This can be accessed via the below link:
    Remote Access Guide
  • The most common issue relating to remote viewing relates to JavaScript. To access the camera remotely on a laptop or phone the browser must have JavaScript enabled. Once this has been done you should have no problems in accessing your camera remotely. If
    Under the unit you will see the reset hole, use a pen or similar and press and hold for 10 seconds. Remove the power connection while still holding the reset button and wait a further 10 seconds. Next, reconnect the power supply and wait for another 10 seconds before releasing the reset button.
    Once you have completed this release the reset button and the camera will reboot. This may take up to two minutes.
  • I have set my IP Camera up for remote viewing as instructed in the product manual, but I am still having difficulty accessing remotely.
    The most common issue relating to remote viewing relates to JavaScript. To access the camera remotely on a laptop or phone the browser must have JavaScript enabled. Once this has been done you should have no problems in accessing your camera remotely.
    If your problems persist, please contact our support team.
  • How do I change the password on my Indoor Storage Options IP Camera (SON-IPC1)?
    To change you password open up a browser and connect to your IP Camera. Go to ‘Settings / Setup’ and then ‘User Settings’. Next enter a new password for admin. You will then be presented with a logon into which you can enter the username ‘admin’ and your new password.
  • I am setting up my Indoor Storage Options IP Camera (SON-IPC1) and I am unable to find the registration details required to complete the set up.
    Your registration name and code can be found on a white sticker adhered to the plastic wallet which the installation CD comes in. If you are unable to locate this, please contact our customer services team at http://www.storageoptions.com/support
  • I am having difficulties in setting up my Indoor Storage Options IP Camera (SON-IPC1) with my wireless network, can you help?
    First ensure that you have connected the wireless antenna which comes with the product.
    Connect to the web interface on your camera by typing its IP address into your web browser (preferably Internet Explorer) like this: http://192.168.1.xxx.  (You may need to add a port number if you have changed the default setting, e.g. http://192.168.1.xxx:81)
    When you have logged in, click the "Network" option on the main menu, then choose "Wireless LAN Settings".  Click the "Scan" button to search for available wireless networks. (You may have to search twice for it to pick up any networks.)  Once it has finished scanning, select your chosen network name from the list.
    Ensure the check box next to "Using Wireless LAN" is ticked, and choose the encryption type, then enter your password.  Click "Submit" and the camera will restart.  Wait a couple of minutes for the reboot to complete (the camera will rotate during this time), then disconnect the LAN cable. 
    You should then be able to connect wirelessly.
  • Consumer Cameras
  • How do I set the time and date on my Roadcam system
    You will need to go into the Setup menu, then scroll down the list of options until you get to “Date Input”. Here you can set the current time and date.