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CCTV, DVRs, and Cameras FAQs
  • Meye does not work with my Basic / Plus CCTV System
    Some of our CCTV range will no longer work with the Eeye app, please try zMEyePlus which is available from your App's stores.
  • Is it possible to delete individual recordings from my DVR?
    A function which allows individual recordings to be removed from the DVR would present a security flaw (any potential criminal activity could be maliciously removed). As such this feature is not available by design.  
    The DVR is designed to record continuously, by schedule or motion detected events, depending on how the user configures it. It will act in this way until the hard drive is full, in which case it can be configured to either stop recording or overwrite the oldest recordings.
    There is also a backup feature in place for occasions when footage needs to be archived, for instance in the event of a break-in, which means that you should be able to keep the data you need separate and secure.
    The hard drive should not be thought of as a backup unit – instead, it just does the recording, and any important events need to be copied to USB drive for backup on a computer, or to be presented to the police.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Can I connect my DVR CCTV System wirelessly to my Internet Router
    The DVR CCTV systems need to be hard wired to your router, there is no option to have a wireless system
  • HomeGuard CCTV
  • Why do I get Black boxes on the screen.
    To remove these boxes, please try the following
    Go into :-
    Main Menu
    Display Options
    Video Cover
    Un tick Monitor – This will need to be carried out for each channel showing the Black Box.
  • I'm unable to login remotely - it says the password is wrong
    We are aware a number of customers are getting the lower case l and i mixed up, we would advise deleting the P2P Password and entering a new more memorable password
    If you are still having problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.
  • I'm unable to connect to the Internet with my HomeGuard DVR
    First : Make sure your DVR is connected to your network / internet router, it's worth making sure the LED's on the rear of the machine are either a solid colour or flashing.
    1. Login to your DVR with a screen connected to the unit
    2. From the main menu select SETUP, then NETWORK
    3. Tick  DHCP
    4. Reboot the unit
    Please also check that the 1st DNS IP Address is the same settings as your gateway (router) and Alternate DNS setting is
    Everything should then work correctly, but please do not hesitate to contact us for further help.
  • My HomeGuard remote is no longer working ?
    With the unit switched on, press the ADDR buttom on the remote (top right) then replace 000 with 008 (HD Kits) 001 (DIY Kits) as requested.
    If you are still having problems, please do not hesitate to contact us
  • I've lost the password for my HomeGuard Kit
    Please contact customer services by clicking submit service request below and a member of our team will be happy to assist
  • Why are we fitting WD AV drives in our HomeGuard CCTV kits
    Your HomeGuard DVR comes with a specially designed WD AV-GP hard drive pre-installed. WD AV-GP hard drives, with exclusive SilkStream™ technology, deliver smooth, continuous digital video recording and playback in high-temperature, always-on audio/video environments. With 24x7 reliability and ultra-cool operation, these drives are perfect for video surveillance systems and DVRs. Most CCTV kits you’ll find on the market don’t specify what hard drive is used which can lead to issues with reliability and the completeness of the footage captured. To ensure the best reliability for your system make sure your DVR uses a WD AV-GP drive.
  • What App do I need for my HomeGuard CCTV System
    Full details are provided in your User Guide, but the App is called IMSeye (New) which is available from your App's Stores, if you are having any problems setting the app up with your CCTV system please contact our support team you will be more than happy to help